About us

BuzzBee Solutions have worked in and amongst the HR and Payroll industry for a number of years now, and have been involved with a substantial amount of HR and Payroll Phase 1 implementations as well as Phase 2 Recruitment and Web Recruitment, L&D, Performance Management and Employee and Manager Self-Service implementations.

We have experience in a  number of HR and Payroll Solutions such as Cascade, CoreHR, iTrent and Workday.

We offer vast experience to cater for all industry types, and have excellent ability to be able to understand and scope requirements, define business processes and implement a solution which fits the needs of your business.

We are personable, affordable and dependable and our main goal is to ensure that you have the guidance and knowledge, as well as the confidence, to maintain your HR Information System moving forward.

We leave no stone unturned in our methods, provide you with the required System Documents and Detailed Report of the work undertaken in the time spent, so that you understand what has been achieved and any work outstanding from this. We are able to produce Business Plans to ensure that you have all of the supporting documentation required to take the case for the use of areas within the system to your colleagues at board-level and beyond. We deliver Training for all levels of system user, and can cater to your specific Business Processes which will make each individual session unique.

We also offer technical expertise in a range of areas throughout the process.

At BuzzBee Solutions, we are always willing to help and will provide an affordable on-site Consultancy service, which will be treated as confidential at all times, but we also provide advice and guidance over the telephone and email.

If you wish to book a consultant, or find out more about pricing, please get in touch here.